Máy rửa khuôn SANWA Wave Clean U600 Type1

Mã sản phẩm: SW-U600-1

Complete cleaning machine, TYPE-1, equipped with an overflow tank for preventing re-adhesion of stains, a filter for maintaining cleaning detergent in the best condition, and a drain tray, information timer, controllable heater, and circulation pump. Besides, pipes requiring maintenance are arranged on the front of the machine. Try the advanced performances of the TYPE-1.

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Overflow Tank
Contamination removed from the mold rises to the liquid surface and then flow into the overflow tank, thus preventing re-contamination.

Barrier Filter
The filter removes contamination of the cleaning liquid to maintain purity, thus keeping the liquid in the optimum condition.

Drain Tray
The cleaning tank cover opens and closes by 180°. The back of the cover serves as a drain tray and facilitates draining after cleaning. Cleaning detergent collected on the tray flows into the cleaning tank, ensuring safety.

Easy Maintenance
The pipes requiring maintenance are arranged on the front of the machine. The valves, filters, etc., are accessible without the need to move the machine or go behind it. The fully covered design improves safety.

Circulating pump
The use of a heater will generate a temperature difference at the upper and the lower part of the liquid in the washing tank. The Wave Clean washer stirs up the cleaning liquid evenly with the circulating pump. The reflux flow of the liquid prevents generation of uneven temperatures in the washing tank. As a result, the mold can be cleaned without unevenness and in every hole and corner.

Heater with controls
The heater will raise the cleaning liquid temperature in the tank to enhance the cleaning effect. The temperature is adjustable in the range from 0 to 70 ゚C by digital control.

Liquid shortage sensor
The sensor detects the absence of cleaning liquid and shuts down the system automatically. You do not have to worry about heating without liquid during the unattended cleaning process.

Digital controll timer
The cleaning process time is controlled by the digital control timer, thus enhancing the efficiency of cleaning.

High performance vibrator
The high-performance vibrator with the oscillation frequency of 28 kHz clean mold from every hole and corner.The output is adjustable in the range from 0 to 600W (300W, max. for U300) according to mold size.