Máy hàn SANWA SW-808

Mã sản phẩm: SW-808

The SW-808 is a capacitor discharging deposition equipment. The compact size incorporates a high-output circuit and is easy to carry

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Incorporating an Exclusive Intelligent Circuit.
Optimal High-speed Welding. Actualizing a Lightweight Design

Superior Workability
■ Superior weldability using condenser spot welding.
■ Easy milling and electrical discharge machining after repairs.
■ Superior performance to repair narrow and fine areas.
■ Easy padding by layering several thin welding plates on top of each other.
■ Newly designed handpiece to boost workability.
User - Friendly
■ Easy viewing operation panel, makes work status apparent at a glance.
■ Highly portable, lightweight and compact design doesn't limit work site, either.
■ Built - in alarm light to check overheating upon overloaded operation.
■ Standard foot switch boosts work convenience since both hands will be free to use.
■ Featuring high-insulation performance and high voltage capacity.
The ensured safety design allows anyone to operate the equipment.

Notable Repair Examples
Capable of Diverse Repairs on Mold Padding

Broad Application Range
■ Plastic mold
■ Die-cast mold
■ Press mold
■ Glass mold
■ Blow mold
■ Rubber mold

Diverse Purposes
■ Repair parting lines, mounting or edges.
■ Bury pinholes or repair scratching in slide areas.
■ Repair excessive cutting away after machining.
■ Shape sharp tips or fine dents.

welding samples

It realizes usefulness and light weight

Easy-to-Use Hand Pieces
The hand piece is designed not to resist heating after long periods of use.
(You can choose the appropriate hand-piece depending on your work.)

Diverse Features Only Possible with a Microcomputer Controlled Mechanism
■ High efficiency condenser discharge system using high-tech switching circuit.
■ Lightweight design possible with microcomputer controlled circuit.
■ High speed continuous welding.
Selectable 2 mode, single or continuous, welding operations.
■ 20-step output adjustment, fine tuning possible through LED parameter.
■ Constantly stable output regardless of fluctuating input.
■ Two pulse current widths, allows for user-friendly one-touch switching for easy operation of the most complex works.

● Tool box ● Output Cord (1.3 m) ● Ground wire(1.0 m) ● Foot Switch
● Electrode Holder (handpiece) ● Ground Cooper Plate (60×145×2t)
● Metal Cutter ● Fuse (2 pieces) ● Electrode(round/flat)
● Welding Material (Plate/Paste/Porous Metal/Yarn)

Welding Material for SW-808 (sold separately)
● We offer various materials which are ready for various molds.
● For further details, please see the page on welding materials.


  Consumption electric power
 Tact Time
Condenser Electrical Discharge System
Single Pase 230V 50/60Hz
3000A MAX
0.27sec. MIN
CPU Controlled
Built-in, single,
Contonuous electricity switching function
180 ×240 ×390
approx 17kg