Máy rửa khuôn SANWA U300
The model U300 is a compact model that ensures efficient cleaning with a small amount of cleaning liquid, featuring the washing tank size that is suited to small molds. The maximum liquid amount required for cleaning is mere 18 liters. The model will contribute to help make the running cost lower.
Vật tư máy hàn SW-V01
Resistance and TIG welding
Shield For The Microscope for SW-V01
For welding using a microscope!
The shield can be installed on a stereo microscope. With the shield, your eyes are protected so that you can execute the welding by looking through a microscope. When you use the shield, it is recommended that you use the halogen light source at the same time。
Stereo Microscope for SW-808/SW-V01
For ultra-precision welding works!
For close operations!
Torch Stand for SW-V01
For TIG welding beginners!
For pin-point welding!
Helmet Shield for SW-V01
The Darkening welding helmet protects the face and eyes from ultraviolet rays radiated during TIG welding.