Vật tư máy hàn SW-808
Vật tư máy hàn SW-808
Halogen Light Source for SW-808/SW-V01
For lighting your manipulation point!
The halogen light source has double arms, so that no area is shaded. Since the halogen light will not react with the shield for the microscope and your visual field is illuminated, so that you can weld in comfort.
Unlike a conventional YAG laser welder, the optical module and laser head (laser radiating unit) in the SW-FL50 are separate components. An optical fiber cable that conducts energy efficiently connects the two components.
Drilling head unit
Order form:
- The nose size of spindle
- Voltage of 3 phase freequency
- The material of working piece
- Tap size and pitch
- Travel power: pneumatic or hydraulic
- Fixed R.P.M
- If spindle revoive under 400 RPM, use reducer gear motor
Precision universal vise
‧ Precision graduction for accurate reading
‧ Horizontal swivel through 360°
‧ The unit tilts 45° vertically
‧ Its swivelling and tilting features make this unit well suited for straight
CBN Flat Wheel Dresser
This operation consists in truing the active part of the wheel in order to provide a regular and continuous contact between the rotating wheel and the piece to be worked. the brake truing device ET100 is designed for truing cup and peripheral wheels on machines with a vertical or horizontal spindle