Drilling head unit
Order form:
- The nose size of spindle
- Voltage of 3 phase freequency
- The material of working piece
- Tap size and pitch
- Travel power: pneumatic or hydraulic
- Fixed R.P.M
- If spindle revoive under 400 RPM, use reducer gear motor
Máy khoan từ
‧ The base is made of aluminum alloy, and the hardness is hard.
‧ To turn in clockwise and counterclockwise by exchangeable gear. It 's better
‧ The input power is general 110V and 220V, and the power source won't be
‧ Designed by spindle of gear, and the swivel base and base is heat treatment to
Mũi khoan
For bench drilling work and can be used with all brands of magnetic bench drill